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Our Parent’s Advice?

I don’t know about you, but I grew up in an all-American home, with what I thought was a pretty good list of instructions for how to succeed in life financially, and do the right thing. It went something like this…

  • 1. Have a Plan
  • 2. Go to College
  • 3. Get a good job with a good company
  • 4. Save regularly
  • 5. Invest in a highly diversified portfolio of Mutual Funds
  • 6. Stay out of debt- don’t take foolish chances…

And hopefully, by the time you’re 65, you will have just enough to pay for your medications, Doctor bills, taxes, groceries, and an occasional Mediterranean cruise.

Now, if you think anything like I do, you’ll see that the problem with this advice is that it leads to one thing…an unremarkable life of financial mediocrity!

The above describes a life of self-elected financial slavery, where every decision you make is dictated by whether or not you can afford something. Not only that, but the fate of your retirement is mercilessly tied to the ups and downs of the market, which you do not understand and have no control over! To me this is not living, but dying.

We’ve all sat and watched the dreams of our entire generation shattered, because we didn’t have access to the right information or strategies we needed. Well, stick around… you’ll want to join the solution that’s been created… and it only gets better.

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A Perfect Storm…

Income in America is now more concentrated in fewer hands than it’s been in 80 years. Almost one quarter of the total income generated in the United States is going to the top 1 percent of Americans.

Although our economy is beyond being in hot water, the rich somehow continue to prosper and even get richer, including the Koch brothers whose wealth increased by billions last year.

Jobs, incomes, savings, and even homes are all on the line here. People need something that’s working for them, not something that’s going to suck their money from them for the privileged and and the powerful.

There’s no jobs bill to speak of. No WPA to hire those who can’t find jobs in the private sector when their unemployment insurance runs out.
Yet state and local taxes are rising, and their services are being cut. Teachers and firefighters are being laid off, The roads and bridges we count on are crumbling, and pipelines are leaking.

This is reality.

There are, however some people who have made it to the top, and are willing to share and teach what they know, in hopes of helping millions, maybe more, learn to rise above it all.

This is where The Elevation Group comes in.

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What we want…

The Elevation Group wants you to have access to the strategies and techniques used by the truly rich, to invest, protect, and grow their wealth, especially with the turbulent times we are faced with today.

You will learn how to protect your money from financial disaster, and give your children the leadership and skills they need to protect the wealth that you and your family will accumulate, so they can be free as well.

Whether you’re in debt, about to retire, or you’re starting the most productive years of your life, The Elevation Group will provide you with the answers you need to take control of your financial destiny, and give the proverbial finger to financial mediocrity.

The individuals that you will learn from are worth tens of millions, even billions, and are ready to teach you their philosophies and beliefs about money, and what enabled them to attract it.

You will learn how and where to invest your money so that you can grow it like they do.